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33% of employees admit to blatantly defrauding their company

Do you know how your employees use their corporate cards?

Out-of-policy airline upgrades, office supplies for home use, overly expensive dinners. These are just some of the risky purchases that employees make with company cards.

Shockingly, one-third of employees admit to blatantly defrauding their company:

  • 14% expensed personal items as a business expense
  • 13% secretly accepted a refund for an already expensed item
  • 7% created a fake expense that never happened

It takes more than continuous transaction monitoring to safely expand the use of corporate cards in your organization.

Download our 2 Secrets to Fighting Company Card Fraud white paper to learn how to eliminate inappropriate use of company cards with:

  1. A cross system view of enterprise data
  2. The ability to automatically analyze 100% of transactions
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Download the paper