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Expense Management and Transaction Monitoring: The PB&J of Finance

Reduce T&E Waste

Your spending program needs to balance flexibility—so your employees can get the job done—with active controls to limit waste. But you can’t do it with an expense management platform alone.

To improve controls over T&E spend, you need to pair expense management with a transaction monitoring tool to monitor 100% of transactions and detect non-compliant spending that might otherwise slip through.

We call this combination the PB&J of operational finance because like peanut butter and jelly they should never be used separately.

Download our whitepaper to see how Concur expense management and transaction monitoring combine to:

  • Maintain flexible travel policy and protect those that comply
  • Find non-compliant spending and employees behaving badly
  • Gain insight into spending without getting in the way of reimbursement
  • Watch overall spending patterns and behaviors to inform travel policy changes
  • Reduce expenditures by 2-5% of the total travel budget

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