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Learn Why Spend Optimization is the Future of Financial Analytics in your Organization


A 2021 study commissioned by Oversight and conducted by Forrester Consulting found that 85% of decision-makers with a spend optimization solution have a single view of spend, compared to only 9% of those without a solution.  Without a comprehensive view of total company spend, these finance and procurement leaders do not know where it goes, who made it, and whether or not it is in compliance with company policies and government regulations.

This uncertainty arises from the fact that spend analytics work is done retroactively across siloed departments and systems using manual processes.

The study, which surveyed more than 200 finance and procurement leaders at leading U.S. companies, suggests a significant trend: cutting-edge businesses are adopting the spend optimization solutions that provide total visibility and better financial controls.

The study provides an informative deep dive into the future of corporate spend management. Download it today, and see why:

  • Finding and Managing Spend Risk Requires Complete Visibility

  • Current Spend Reporting Only Produces Partial Insight

  • An Incomplete View of Spend Weakens Financial Control

  • Spend Optimization Solutions Strengthen Financial Control

Learn about the power of spend optimization for your organization today!



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