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6 Tips to Improve Your Employees' T&E Spending Habits

How to Change Your Employees' Behavior

Employees don't think about saving the company money when it comes to travel and expense (T&E) spend. They routinely book trips at the last minute, when prices are higher. Or they opt for the hotel where they earn reward points, which happens to be more expensive.

It's difficult to encourage employees to change their behavior and save the company money. 

Download this eBook to learn how to influence future behavior rather than just prevent improper payments or slap wrists.

You'll discover best practices to:

  • Create effective T&E policies that don't rub employees the wrong way
  • Communicate T&E policy so it's actually followed
  • Automate expense management so it's easy to comply with T&E policy
  • Address the root cause of employee behavior that needs to be corrected
  • Quickly resolve spending outside of policy without coming down on employees like a ton of bricks
  • Find policies that need to be changed to improve spend and employee morale

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