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Learn How a Large Freight Railroad Company Achieved Unprecedented Insight into Risky and Non-Compliant Spend with Oversight

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Prior to using Oversight’s AI-powered platform, the Accounts Payable department of a large railroad company faced significant challenges in detecting spend patterns and duplicate payments because they were sampling less than 2% of transactions to identify potential fraud or misuse. Today, the company reviews 100% of transactions with an AI-driven, automated review process that makes it easy to spot patterns and identify root causes across multiple departments and suppliers.

Watch our latest On-Demand Oversight Success Studio webinar to learn how the organization is identifying, mitigating, and resolving risks associated with spend to improve compliance and financial health.

During this session, you will hear from Becky Clay, AP Controls and Compliance Manager, and learn:

  • The key business challenges that this organization faced prior to enabling the Oversight solution.

  •  How they used Oversight to resolve these challenges and improve their review process.

  •  The lifetime business impact and value of Oversight, including $18 million in duplicate payments recovered and prevented.

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