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A Podcast Series by Oversight

Join industry experts from Oversight, the leader in AI-powered spend management solutions, for a podcast that helps finance leaders learn how to disarm risk and elevate finance across the enterprise. Each episode, we’ll dive into industry trends and best practices to create greater efficiencies and explore the data-driven decisions that empower finance transformation journeys.


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Episode 1

Finance Re-Transformation

featuring Terrence McCrossan, CEO

2019 Gartner data suggests that 85 percent of finance teams are currently undergoing or planning a finance transformation. But a lot has changed since 2019; Join Terrence McCrossan, CEO of Oversight, the world’s leading risk management platform, to unpack how companies are navigating finance transformation through a pandemic.
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Episode 2

The Integrated Risk Strategy

featuring Chris Elliott, Senior Director of Sales

Traditionally, the three lines of defense tasked with risk mitigation – finance operations, compliance and internal audit – operated in siloes, with little connection or interaction. But for the leaders in the marketplace today, a new best practice for connecting the three lines of defense has emerged – an integrated risk strategy. Join Oversight’s Chris Elliott to learn more about the method that reframes what it means to audit employee and vendor spend. Listen Now ▶️


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Episode 3

The Shifting Tides of Spend Risk During a Global Pandemic

featuring Jon Lawrence, VP of Product Management

When COVID-19 began to spread around the world, the door for unprecedented risk opened as organizations underwent rapid shifts and changes never before seen in business. Join Jon Lawrence as he showcases how leading organizations put themselves in the best position against a business landscape unseen in our lifetime. Listen Now ▶️


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Episode 4

Life in the Fast Lane...The Crazy Things Employees Expense

featuring Beverly Kays, Sr. Client Engagement Manager

When organizations implement technology to monitor their spending, a funny thing starts to happen: some outlandish expenditures rise to the surface immediately. You won’t believe the things they are buying: as told by Oversight’s Sr. Client Engagement Manager Beverly Kays.Listen Now ▶️


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Episode 5

A Culture of Compliance

featuring Nathanael L'Heureux, CCO

At most organizations, there are three groups: those who spend company money within the company guidelines, those who violate guidelines but do so unwittingly, and the serially uncompliant. Oversight’s Nathaniel L’Heureux shares the plan for rewarding the first group, teaching the second, and neutralizing the repeat offenders. Listen Now ▶️


Chris Podcast

Episode 6 

Nothing Gets By You Now

featuring Chris Juneau, Chief Marketing & Product Officer  

When asked how he likes to describe Oversight’s positioning to prospective clients, Chris stated, “AI can free up your employees to focus on what’s most important. They can help you better manage your financial processes because they can focus on the exceptions while optimizing financial processes to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.” Listen Now ▶️

Geoff Podcast

Episode 7 

CFOs, Spend Optimizations, and Shifting Tides in Tech

featuring Geoff Brannon, CFO at Oversight, and Andrew Bartels, Guest Speaker from Forrester

Brannon shares insights into how CFOs can tackle spend optimization to see it all with Oversight: “Most of the employee populations are good citizens, good stewards of a company’s money, but occasionally you’ve got people that make simple, honest mistakes, and then you’ve got a few bad actors..." Listen Now ▶️