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Global Spend Trends

The World of Spend is Changing.

Now is The Moment to Catch Up.

In Ordinary Times

$7 million

is lost to T&E and P-card fraud for every $1BN of revenue generated.

$5 million

is lost to duplicate payments in AP for every billion processed.

In the wake of the COVID pandemic


is the reported increase in T&E violation rates since the start of the pandemic.


of companies saw an increase in overall fraud in 2020.

It’s time to Crush the Quo

$2 trillion+

is the amount of employee spend now monitored by Oversight's Artificial Intelligence (AI).


of Fortune 100 companies now use Oversight's AI to monitor spend behaviors.

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Spend Report: Workplace Spend Risk After COVID

Employee spend is changing fast as post-COVID work patterns normalize. In fact, 47% of companies plan to continue full-time remote work on a permanent basis.

T&E and P-card fraud is skyrocketing because of this. It doesn’t stop there though. With 50% of invoices now being processed electronically, 79% of companies saw increased levels of Account Payables fraud in 2020.

Stop worrying about changing spend behaviors and prevent unneeded loss with the Oversight 2021 Spend Report. In this free guide, you will learn:

  • How COVID has disrupted employee spend permanently and what you can do to adapt.
  • What’s behind the 292% rise in T&E violation rates and how to prevent them in your enterprise.
  • An inside look into what Fortune 100 companies are doing to solve spend violations.
  • Why not all spend monitoring AI is created equal



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Spend Risk Examined

Want to learn how to disarm risk and elevate finance across your enterprise? Join industry experts from Oversight on the Spend Risk Examined podcast where we dive into industry trends and best practices.

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You wouldn’t believe what slips through the cracks.

The Cost of Doing Nothing is Too High.

The New Reality For Payables

$5 million is the average loss due to duplicate invoices for every $1 billion processed.

Payables is the largest spend channel for enterprises and also the most difficult to control due to the amount of steps involved.

Download our free infographic to learn why current AP processes aren’t working and why artificial intelligence is key to AP efficiency, transparency, and control.


T&E and P-Card Best Practices

$7 million is the average loss due to T&E and P-card fraud for every $1 billion in revenue.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the typical organization also loses 5% of revenues each year to fraud with a median loss of $130,000 per fraud case.

Read our guide to T&E and P-card best practices to learn how to detect and stop fraud, waste, and misuse in employee expenses.


There’s a New Way

Other Options Are Broken

You don’t have an army of staff to monitor spend patterns or millions of dollars to employ them. Your current approach monitors 20% of spend – at best.

Smart Companies Found a New Way

Many of the world’s smartest companies are using Oversight’s artificial intelligence to monitor 100% of spend.

In 2020 alone we prevented $13 Billion in total cash leakages for our customers.

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Create a Culture of Compliance

Oversight Helps Sharp Electronics Change Employee Behavior

Learn how Sharp Electronics uses Oversight to track and identify spend violations to educate employees and create a culture of compliance.





Crush the Quo with 100% Visibility

The Oversight Customer Experience


$13 Billion in total cash leakage prevented in 2020.


70% decrease in non-compliant AP transactions and T&E spend.


50-80% greater efficiency.