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Accounts Payable leakage is on the rise.

What is Your Level of Risk?

2020 saw a dramatic 44% rise in the proportion of AP transactions identified as problematic.

79% of companies reported seeing greater levels of fraud in the wake of the COVID pandemic and 90% expect this to get worse in 2021.

The cost of recovering leaked funds is estimated at $2.34 Million per Billion of revenue.


Use Oversight’s free Risk Assessment tool to determine how well prepared you are to deal with these challenges.

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With Oversight, you have 100% visibility in real-time across systems into every area of spend from payables to T&E, P-Cards, and more. Oversight identifies process breakdowns so you can quickly correct issues and drive measurable change in employee purchasing behavior. Oversight optimizes the people – not just the policy – reducing out-of-policy spending by 70%. Oversight's proven best-practice approach reduces audit effort and delivers measurable ROI through behavior tracking, benchmarks, employee engagement and scorecards, which report progress and opportunity to diverse stakeholders. Customers have consistently realized hard ROI savings in less than a year. Oversight has a proven methodology for ingesting data from multiple sources and the most predominantly used ERP's. 

Risk Assessment Questions