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Risk Mitigation


Finding and stopping financial spend risk isn’t black and white.

Where is your spend risk? Where does fraud go undetected?

When you’re a large, global company with thousands of employees disbursed across locations, this question is hard to answer. It’s not black and white. To manage and mitigate risk you need a multi-dimensional view that exposes the gray areas of employee behavior.

Oversight has you covered. We deliver the world’s most proven AI-powered audit and risk mitigation platform, demonstrating results from implementation and beyond. Oversight’s AI technology and best-practice analytics will analyze 100% of your employee spend, prioritize risk and create the behaviors and compliance culture you need to deliver on your bottom line.

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"With Oversight, we have a tool to transform our audit process, so our team can redirect their time on value-added tasks to run the business."

Brian Friedman, Director, Asset Protection and CSO at HD Supply

"Oversight has helped us streamline our process and mitigate risk by just finding the leakage going out the door, the duplicate spends and the healthcare compliance issues. We were able to get our ROI in one month after implementing Oversight."

Amber Starkey, Manager of Supplier Financial Services at Cardinal Health

"The ROI on this tool has been 6.5 times what we paid for it."

Carolyn Hardee, Corporate Card Manager, Autodesk

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