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Should You Take Manager Approval Out of Your T&E Process?

It sounds counter-intuitive, but YES you should

Too much time is spent on a process that does not work.

Manager approval has long been the primary financial control companies had in place to prevent T&E fraud, waste and misuse. Our research finds that a company that processes 5,000 expense reports a year forces its managers to spend a combined 833 hours to the review process.

There are a few problems with manager approval as a control:

  1. Managers are too busy to spot all unusual trasactions that occur everyday and identify patterns of behavior over time
  2. Managers are often too trusting of their team members
  3. It's just too easy to click on the "Approve" button

This white paper discusses the shortcomings of manager approval as a control and how automated transaction analysis transforms expense audit and compliance programs to accomplish what managers cannot. 

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