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Spend & Risk:

How the comeback of business travel could bring new risks

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While leisure travel is bouncing back, we’re still watching the recovery of business travel with a possible boom this fall. While it is unknown when business travel will reach pre-pandemic levels experts agree that business travel will look much different especially in the near-term as airlines, hotels, and auto rental companies work to restore operational capacity.

With this uptick in travel comes new trends in employee spend behaviors as the hospitality, restaurant and transportation industries continue to re-emerge from pandemic—what’s the risk?

In this report, we’ll share our analysis of how spend has trended in Q2 2021 and assess how the comeback of business travel may impact expenditures and invite risk.

Download Oversight’s July report to learn:

  • What activity in Q2 is signaling a return to more travel
  • The top spend violations year over year
  • Suggested actions for your company to help flag issues and protect the bottom line

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