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Detect and Stop Employee Expense Fraud

Best Practices Guide

Get Your Guide to Mitigate Expense Risk

Did you know that travel expense management (TEM) and ERP systems alone will NOT protect you from fraud and misuse?

TEM and ERP are useful in their own right, but neither is designed with the analytics necessary to detect, resolve, and prevent fraud, misuse and waste.

Total losses from T&E and P-Card abuse can add up.

What can you do to stop it?

Download this Starter Guide for best practices to mitigate T&E and P-Card risks. You'll learn:

  1. The big difference between fraud and misuse in T&E and P-Card
  2. 9 automated checks that every monitoring solution should have
  3. Why timing matters – and how it can reduce cash leakage and losses
  4. Why detection isn’t enough: you need workflow tools to resolve issues
  5. 5 key requirements for effective automated monitoring

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