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6% of T&E transactions may violate policy

Download the Oversight Spend Analysis Report Vol. 1

Spend Analysis Report highlights the risks to your organization

Fraudulent and non-compliant activity can cost organizations with an average of $10 million in travel spend roughly $500,000 in annual out-of-policy spending. That’s a lot of zeros.

But what employee habits and behaviors are contributing to such significant costs?

Oversight analyzed more than 10 million transactions totaling over $1 billion dollars in expenses to highlight the typical behavior patterns seen within travel programs. The result is our Spend Analysis Report Vol. 1.

We discovered that 6% of T&E transactions are potential violations to policy. Download this report for more stats and the latest insights into fraud and misuse in T&E programs. You’ll discover:

  • Why travel policy exceptions occur: by accident, necessity, or fraud?
  • What are the ways “bad actors” defraud companies?
  • Where does the money go?

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