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Best Practices to Empower Your AP Team to Deliver a Better, Stronger Future

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Even if you have a solid accounts payable process with a best-in-class invoice automation system, catching all the errors, waste, and fraud in your business spend is next to impossible. Why? Because the current state controls are largely passive, inhibiting real-time intelligence to guide and enable smart decisions.

Let's rethink the role AP processors could play if they were empowered with better tools. The mandate of AP teams today is no longer transaction processing but ensuring quality control, managing stakeholder relationships, making recommendations, and taking actions to increase compliance and ultimately optimize spend.

Discover how your AP team could leverage AI-powered technology to drive spend optimization by:

  • Continuously monitoring risks across the entire P2P lifecycle
  • Proactively alerting teams with actionable findings that don't require analysis
  • Monitoring across a broad range of risk types to meet the needs of all stakeholders
  • Moving beyond transaction monitoring to program quality management

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Presented by:
Chris Elliott

Sr. Director, Sales