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Future-Proofing the Back Office

Four Phases of Financial Transformation

Digital transformation strategy goes far beyond implementing new software — it requires that organizations use technology to create an enhanced, cutting-edge experience for internal and external parties alike, an experience that will improve their competitive advantage. Unfortunately, organizations often use technology as a way to keep up with their competitors, rather than as a way to outpace them. Simply plugging in automation software without a strategic end goal in mind can lead to lower ROI and can silo teams and data.

Achieving true digital transformation hinges on organizations mapping out a strategic vision of future business processes. It’s important to keep in mind that companies have to focus not only on the processes that touch their customers, end-users, and clients, but on the ones that are core to the business in the back-office. Automating procurement and accounts payable are two key ways to transform your financial and back-office operations.

Levvel Research and Oversight Systems, explore how you can future proof your organization by prioritizing digital transformation in every part of your business.


  • Rearchitect processes in 4 phases: automation, data visualization, analytics, and business embedment
  • Redefine job roles to focus resources on tasks that drive strategic value
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to mitigate risk and increase operational efficiency

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Presenter: Major Bottoms Jr.

Lead Research Analyst, Levvel

Major Bottoms Jr. is a Research Manager and Senior Research Analyst for Levvel Research based in Charlotte, NC. He plays a key role in the analysis and presentation of data for Levvel’s research reports, webinars, and consulting engagements. Major’s expertise lies in the Procure-to-Pay, Source-to-Settle, and travel and expense management processes and software, as well as technologies and strategies across DevOps, digital payments, design systems, and application development. Prior to joining Levvel, Major held various roles in the mortgage finance field at Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Major graduated with a degree in Finance from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.


Presenter: Chris Elliott

Director of Sales, Oversight Systems

In his role, Chris works with Fortune 1000 organizations to meet their unique business needs and ensure their success in mitigating financial risk. Chris brings more than 10 years of high-performance sales experience in the governance risk and compliance (GRC) space with companies including The Network (a NAVEX Global Company), Perfecto Mobile, Paycom, and AchieveIt. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Emory University.