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From Risk to Reconciliation: How to Improve Visibility & Control Over Employee Spend

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A crucial lesson companies learned during the pandemic is that the shift to working from home for many employees created a lack of control that tested spend policies or nullified them altogether. Companies are now working to adapt guidelines for reimbursable expenses and re-educate employees to ensure compliance. During this webinar we explore how spend has shifted and how organization's who establish and communicate clear expense management policies reduce the risk of fraud, misuse and abuse of company funds.

Watch this webinar, and learn:

  • The most significant areas of risk concerning employee spend
  • How to determine which aspects of expense processes are most susceptible to fraud
  • Advances in automation that enable you to achieve full visibility into and control over employee spend
  • How to improve communication and employees’ compliance with expense/reimbursement guidelines

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Presented by:
Jon Lawrence

VP, Product Management