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Leveraging AI and the Power of Patterns to Transform Your T&E Audit Process

Most companies manage their expense report audit process the way they’ve always done it: Managers approve the expense reports. Then, the expense management system’s audit rules catch errors and low-level policy violations, and manual sample audits are done periodically.

This creates a lot of extra work for finance and shared services teams – not to mention, managers. Meanwhile, most T&E fraud and non-compliance flies under the radar.

There’s a better way: Using Artificial Intelligence and the power of patterns to detect hidden fraud, waste, and misuse in your T&E spending.

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover:

  • Why manually reviewing expense reports won’t find most hidden fraud risks, waste, and misuse— and what to do instead
  • How leveraging the power of patterns and AI will transform your T&E audit process into a streamlined risk mitigation workflow
  • A proven way to engage with employees that leading companies use to increase compliance by up to 70%
  • How to optimize your T&E business processes, achieve 2-5% cost savings, and reduce T&E audit workloads by over 50%

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Presenter: Chris Elliott

Director, Sales

In his role, Chris works with Oversight clients to meet their unique business needs and ensure their success.