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Explore the Power of Prevention with Insights On Demand for Procure-to-Pay

Watch our webinar on-demand and see how Oversight’s Insights On Demand® for Procure-to-Pay can help you mitigate risk, reduce cash leakage, and deliver a return on investment within months.

Get a glance into how Oversight:

  • Automatically analyzes 100% of vendors, purchase orders, invoices, and payments in your ERP systems
  • Detects and prevents fraudulent and erroneous improper payments
  • Tracks and documents all process steps, supporting evidence, and remediation efforts
  • Identifies opportunities to improve operational efficiency, including process breakdowns and control weaknesses

Watch now to learn how to strengthen your protection against fraud and improper payments with real-time accounts payable monitoring.

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Presenter: Beverly Kays

Client Engagement Manager

Moderator: Kristin Reichman

Director,Training and Development